You and your buddies go out for a night of raging with one goal in mind: Find some dirty slutbuggy that you’ll be able to seduce with a couple of vodka/cranberries, followed up with a dessert of Plucker’s Mac ‘n Cheese. For a couple of shitty $4 Skol/Cran (you tell her its Goose; she’ll never know the difference), $2.99 mac, and a decent enough mouthpiece not to screw it up, you could find out what’s behind her door #3.  You’re on your own on getting to this point; that’ll have to wait for another post. Optimal situation, you end up at her shop.  She won’t know where you live, you eat all of her drunk munchies food after she passes out, and you can bug out if shit gets weird and she whips out some anal beads, wanting to yank them out of your ass like a lawnmower cord. Pending the beads stay tucked away in their drawer, you are now served with another dilemma: where to point the frosting cannon?  You and her are getting after it heavier than two three-legged pigs in a mud pit during a snowstorm when you get that feeling of near-‘I’m done with her.’ Now, where does it go?…You look down. Definitely not IN there…You look a little higher. That’s probably where she’d prefer it to go.  You ignore that and look higher.  BINGO. Hmmm…how do I go about this without being a 100% dick? There are a couple of ways to approach this stroke sensitive situation…IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN…depending on the level of skank this broad is, you may not have to say anything and she’ll know her cue to migrate down south for her baptism.  If you two aren’t communicating that well and she’s been a dead fish, just following your lead and clearly a novice, requiring you to place her where she needs to be; there may need to be a little more deliberate of an act on your part.  Wait until right before game time and subtly, but slightly in a frenzy, ask, “Where do you want it?” She’ll be so concerned with getting that toddler cannon out that she’s most likely to say, “Anywhere,” “Wherever you want,” “OUT.” Here, you’re free to blast in peace and possibly help her get started on her protein intake for the next day.  She’ll may even think of you as a ‘nice guy’ and want to see you again…that is…if she’s not just a slump buster and you don’t rail and bail.  Here’s your first little diddy from the Lusty Slot Machine…May the odds be ever in your favor.