Greetings, friends and foes…..and hoes. Although I don’t typically greet hoes, but, that’s besides the point. Welcome to our place of complete nonsense aka the Lusty Taco Blog. If you like the things that come out of our mouths(keyboard’s and go phones), do us a favor and don’t be a lass (lazy + ass) — subscribe to our shit! Want to advertise? Inquire within! We will likely pump out blog posts faster than Michelle Duggar does babies. Mainly my rants and raves are about things that piss us off, The Lusty Slot Machine’s conquer of the hour, The Lusty Continents black dongs, people who suck at life, and our day to day tinder life. If the things we say tick you off, then stop reading. Or give us an opportunity to write more, and send hate mail here: Just know that we will scrutinize every word you type and make fun of you publicly if you make yourself look like an uneducated, ignorant ignoramus. (Your fault….your bad). Sorry not sorry! Careful on the double spacing kids!


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