When a person is looking for a job at what point do they realize that I may have to go work at a gas station. I wonder what the interview process is like. Where do you go for the interview? Is the interview hosted at pump 7? How does one answer the question when you are applying for a job, “where do you see yourself in 5 years”? The answer is probably most of the time either high or at Chevron down the street. My recent conversation with my local “high all of the time” Circle K clerk was pretty damn intriguing. He gave me some life advice that I’m pretty sure I should not follow. After I asked for a Powerball he told me that they were no longer able to sell them for the night. I honestly didn’t realize what time it was. He gave me a speech about being on time in life. I’m pretty sure my job is better than his, but he does have an endless amount of Red Bull at his convenience. So he may actually win this battle. After talking to me for 5 minutes he ended with something that I thought was totally amazing. He said, “Man You got to be persistent, keep at that bitch until she calls the cops.” I looked at him with a smart ass grin and thanked him for the advice. Who needs a bartender when you have a life coach that works at circle K?