Dear Lusty,

Thank you for making this site I really appreciate all the wonderful tips by all of the lusty team. I enjoy the readings as it has helped me through this tumultuous time of dating. I have a question and I hope the experts can help me out on this.
Recently, I went on a Christian mingle date (even though I haven’t been to church in awhile) shhh… and the girl called me creepy and I’m not sure why. I even memorized 4 bible verses on the way to the date and did yoga before to clear my mind.  I’m having a tough time with the online dating and I’m not sure what to do. I read self help books, workout, and stay neatly groomed. My question is….. Should I be playing more tinder suicide? What do you tell women we you do receive a match on Tinder? Should I consider a Russian Bride?

please help,

Sleepless in sour cream,

You should never consider a Russian Bride. They come here ,and take you for what your worth ,and then leave your sorry ass with Palmela. You should stay away from Christian mingle and maybe try or Christian Mingle is a bunch of girls who’s Daddy still pay their rent. Also a man invented Yoga so he could sell some pants that women look good in. If you want to clear your mind. You should find you a hot chic from your local club, have her give you the ride of your life, and then have her fix you a sandwich. Then repeat the following weekend. Oh, if you are reading self help books you should burn them and try to get some common sense because that’s all that book is trying to teach you.  When it comes to Tinder Suicide you should maybe play three to four times a week.    You may also want to up your age limit to the max.  You never know what piece of experienced goodness you are missing.


Dear Lusty